Behavioral Tests

Greentech Bioscience offers a wide variety of behavioral tests, including gait analysis, TopScan behavior tracking, shuttle box, water maze, Y maze, open field, novel object recognition, enabling us to evaluate rodent behavioral tests in the preclinical efficacy and toxicology studies.

Introduction to Behavioral Tests

Behavioral testing is useful in evaluating the efficacy and toxicology of treatment for neurological disorders or analgesia. Greentech Bioscience offers a complete battery of rodent behavioral tests to test motor coordination, exploratory behaviors, anxiety-like and depression-like behavior, learning and memory, cognitive function and pain sensitivity in rodents.

Rodent behavioral testing at Greentech Bioscience.png

Figure 1. Rodent behavioral testing at Greentech Bioscience.

Service Content

Learning, memory and cognitive tests

Anxiety and depression evaluation

Motor and sensory evaluation

Water maze

Barnes maze

Shuttle box

Y maze

Novel object recognition

Tail suspension test

Open field

Light/dark box

Elevated plus maze

Forced swim test

Gait analysis (active or passive)

Open field

RotaRod test

Electronic Von Frey

Von Frey filaments

Tail flick test

Plantar test

Incapacitance test


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