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Models of Cancer-Induced Bone Pain

Many tumors such as breast, prostate, lung cancers and fibrosarcoma have a strong predilection to metastasize to bones (such as spine, ribs, long bones and pelvis), causing moderate to severe chronic bone pain. To date, up to 70% of patients with advanced breast or prostate cancer will eventually develop bone metastases. Bone cancer pain still remains a challenge to fully understand and control. Greentech Bioscience offers several preclinical models of bone cancer pain in mice based on our tumor cell library and AAALAC-accredited animal facilities. All studies are conducted in compliance with GLP requirements.

Animal Models of Cancer-Induced Bone Pain

The bone cancer pain model established using breast cancer cells is one of the most frequently employed models in the studies of cancer induced bone pain (CIBP). Greentech Bioscience offers validated bone cancer pain models using breast cancer cells, prostate cancer cells or sarcoma cells, characterized by simplicity, reproducibility and high clinical similarity. Mouse models of cancer induced bone pain replicate bone pain in patients with primary or metastatic bone cancer.

Animal Species: mice, rats

Induction: direct injection of tumor cells (such as sarcoma/breast cancer/prostate cancer cells) into the intramedullary space of the tibia or femur in mice.

Clinical Assessment

(1) Body weight, clinical observations

(2) Behavioral tests: mechanical threshold, paw withdrawal threshold, incapacitance test

(3) micro-CT

(4) Histopathology: H&E staining

Case Study

Mouse model of cancer induced bone pain: intratibial injection of 4T1 breast cancer cells in mice.

Mouse model of cancer induced bone pain.png


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