• What is the size of the animal facility at Greentech Bioscience?

    Greentech Bioscience has built AAALAC international accredited animal facility and laboratories, covering an area of more than 108,000ft². Our animal facility consists of 18 SPF-level rooms and 29 conventional rooms.



    Rodents (Rats/Mice)


    Guinea Pigs






    Non-human primates


  • When was Greentech Bioscience established and tell me your project experience.

    Greentech Bioscience Co., Ltd., founded in 2014, is a preclinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) located in Sichuan Province of China, the hometown of panda. Through in-depth research in the field of preclinical efficacy evaluation, we have established hundreds of validated animal models in multiple species, including mice, rats, rabbits, canines, pigs, and non-human primates. We have completed thousands of preclinical studies and assisted dozens of customers in obtaining IND approval. A large number of customers have chosen us as their trusted and long-term partners. Our customers are distributed in many parts of Asia and North America.

  • What does Greentech Bioscience offer?

    We focus on three core business segments: compound screening, DMPK/non-GLP toxicology, and pharmacodynamics. We provide cell-based screening and high-throughput kinase profiling services, DMPK and non-GLP toxicology studies, and in vivo pharmacology studies. The disease areas we focused on mainly cover cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases, oncology, metabolic and liver diseases, inflammation and autoimmune diseases, urologic diseases, pain and analgesia, and bone, joint and cartilage diseases. 

  • The required information on test articles.

    The Client shall provide enough quantity of the test article and related information, including its name, resource, batch number, purity, concentration, formulation, stability, solubility, period of validity, storage condition, quality report, physicochemical properties, analytical method validation report.

  • Notices on the submission of test articles.

    1) please ensure that the containers of the test articles are labeled with legible information; 2) The delivery note shall be shipped along with the test articles. The written information shall be correct, since any mistakes may cause inappropriate receive or storage; 3) Please ensure that the transport conditions are consistent with the storage conditions; otherwise, the quality of test articles may be destroyed.

  • Please introduce the service process.

    Client inquiry→Scheme discussion→Scheme and quotation offered by Greentech→Contract SigningMaking a down payment and deliver test articles→Project launch→Scheme conformation→Project implementation (keeping clients informed in a timely manner about project progress)→Communicating data and results→Report writing→Paying the balance→Report delivery→Project completion and document filing

  • What is the definition of project period? How long does it take to lauch a project?

    The start time of a project is the day when the client makes a down payment and when the test articles reach our company (whichever is later). The end time of a project is the day when the draft report is delivered. The time between the start date and the end time is defined as the project period.

    Before a project launch, the client shall sign a technical service contract with us, make a down payment, conform the study scheme offered by us, and deliver test articles to our lab. The time spent before project launch mainly depends on project scheduling and shipment period of vital reagents and materials. We will try our best to ensure that the project is carried forward with high quality and efficiency and completed within the agreed time.