Our laboratories are equipped with a wealth of instruments and equipment, enabling us to conduct clinical tests, histopathological examinations, biological sample analysis, cell-based experiments, molecular biology experiments, vascular interventional surgery, as well as animal behavior tests. Greentech Bioscience offers a full range of capabilities to support our preclinical safety and efficacy studies.

Our Platforms



Clinical testing

Blood routine, urinalysis, coagulation, blood biochemistry, metabolism, blood pressure, electrocardiogram, laser Doppler blood flow monitor, stool routine, etc.


Paraffin embedding, paraffin sectioning, frozen sectioning, special stains, digital pathology scanning, pathological interpretation, IHC, TUNEL assay, FISH, optical/fluorescent microscope image capture, pathology report


Large/small molecule quantification by LC-MS, bioanalytical method development/validation/transfer

Validation content: selectivity, carry-over, calibration curve and lower limit of quantification, accuracy and precision, dilution integrity, aatrix effect, stability

Behavioral tests

Memory and cognition: water maze, Barnes maze, Y maze, novel object recognition

Anxiety and depression: tail suspension test, open field, light/dark box, elevated plus maze

Motor and sensory: gait analysis, open field, Von Frey filaments, Tail-Flick test, incapacitance test, Hargreaves test, RotaRod test, treadmills, hot/cold plate, TopScan behavior tracking, etc.

DSA intervention

Efficacy testing of endovascular therapies and medical devices

Biocompatibility testing of vascular implants

Animal models of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases in large animals

Radiology & imaging

MRI, micro-CT, PET-CT, X-ray, color Doppler ultrasound, in vivo imaging

Kinase screening

PHERAstar FSX Microplate Reader for HTS

Detection technologies: TR-FRET/AlphaScreen/Fluorescence intensity/Fluorescence polarization/Luminescence/Absorbance



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