DMPK & Non-GLP Toxicology

Non-GLP Toxicology

To support druggability evaluation, Greentech’s experienced safety assessment team provides non-GLP toxicology services for the nonclinical development of chemicals, biologics, and medical devices. Our capabilities include AAALAC-accredited SPF animal facilities, fully-functional clinical testing and histopathology laboratories, and experienced toxicologists.

Our Non-GLP Preclinical Toxicoloty Studies

Single dose toxicity (acute toxicity)

Repeated dose toxicity (chronic toxicity)

NOAEL Estimation

In vitro cytotoxicity

Systemic toxicity

Local toxicity study

Toxicokinetic test

Safety pharmacology

Clinical testing


Ultrasonic color Doppler imaging

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Blood pressure monitoring (rodent and non-rodent, invasive/noninvasive)

Animal Species

Rodents (mice, rats, guinea pigs), rabbits, dogs, non-human primates


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