Efficacy Testing for Medical Devices

Medical Device Testing

Greentech provides a comprehensive spectrum of early medical device testing services including implantation tests and biocompatibility tests. As an integral part of biological risk assessment, biocompatibility testing of biomaterials and medical devices identifies the presence of potentially toxic chemicals or other harmful effects. With rich experience in animal surgery and implantable medical device research, Greentech offers preclinical efficacy research of biomaterials, such as orthopedic materials, stents and graft. Our experienced team provides clients with reliable, accurate data and reporting to address their testing needs.

Animal surgery rooms at Greentech Bioscience.png

Figure 1. animal surgery rooms at Greentech Bioscience.

Service Content

Efficacy testing of medical devices

Functional implantation tests (bone, hemostasis, cardiovascular…)

Biocompatibility testing services (irritation, sensitization, systemic toxicity, hemocompatibility, chronic toxicity…)


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