Psychiatry & Neurology

Psychiatry & Neurology

Greentech Bioscience boasts years of experience in pharmacology and pharmacodynamics. In the field of psychiatric disorders and neurologic diseases, we have established a number of validated animal models for assessment of different therapeutic approaches, ensuring high quality, reproducible data. We can also develop novel models according to clients’ requirements.

Our Animal Models in Psychiatry and Neurology


Animal   Model


Clinical   Assessment

Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE)

Unilateral carotid artery occlusion HIE model

SD rats

(1) Neurological evaluation

(2) Brain weight

(3) Histopathology

(4) Behavioral tests

Tracheal occlusion HIE model

SD rats

Traumatic brain injury & spinal cord injury

Controlled cortical impact (CCI) model

Mice, SD rats

(1) Blood pressure

(2) Body temperature

(3) Neurological Severity Scores

(4) Behavioral tests

(5) Histopathology

(6) IHC

Parkinson's disease (PD)

MPTP induced model

Mice, NHPs

(1) Blood routine and biochemistry

(2) Open field, Pole test

(3) MRI imaging

(4) Biomarker analysis

(5) Histopathology, IHC

6-OHDA lesion model


Alpha-synuclein transgenic mice


Alzheimer's disease   (AD)

APP/PS1 transgenic mice


(1) Neurobehavioral testing

(2) Aβ detection

(3) Tau protein detection

(4) IHC

(5) Detection of AChE, ChAT, Ach

(6) Neuroinflammation detection

(7) Oxidative stress detection

SAMP8 mice


Scopolamine induced Model

Mice, rats


Light/dark box test

Mice, rats

(1) Light chamber time

(2) Dark chamber time

(3) Number of cross

Elevated plus maze test

Mice, rats

(1) Open arm time

(2) Open arm entry

(3) Closed arm entry

(4) Closed arm time


Tail suspension test


Immobility time

Forced swim test

Mice, rats

Behavioral Testing Platform

The behavioral testing platform at Greentech Bioscience consists of learning, memory and cognitive tests, anxiety and depression tests, as well as motor and sensory tests, enabling us to conduct preclinical pharmacological evaluation of different therapeutic approaches for psychiatric disorders and neurologic diseases.

Behavioral testing platform at Greentech Bioscience.png

Figure 1. Behavioral testing platform at Greentech Bioscience.


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