Endovascular Surgery

Greentech Bioscience introduced the state-of-the-art GE Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) and related surgical instruments and devices. We work closely with interventional radiologists and has built a standard Cardiovascular Interventional Radiography Room for large animals. Greentech Bioscience leverages the power of DSA to conduct endovascular surgery, create animal models of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases in large animals and conducts preclinical efficacy testing and biocompatibility testing of novel therapies and medical devices.

Introduction to DSA

Digital subtraction angiography is an interventional radiological technique to clearly visualize blood vessels in tissues using intravenous injections of contrast agents. The DSA is considered a gold standard imaging method to display the vascular structure and real-time blood supply, thus detecting problems with blood flow. The DSA is characterized by minimal invasive surgery and high-resolution vascular imaging. In the preclinical studies, the DSA is used to construct animal models of a variety of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases in dogs, pigs and non-human primates, which produces minimal wound and is a safe method with high success rates.

The standard Cardiovascular Interventional Radiography Room at Greentech Bioscience.png

Figure 1. The standard Cardiovascular Interventional Radiography Room at Greentech Bioscience.

Major Devices


High-pressure syringe pump

Anesthesia respirator




Efficacy testing of endovascular therapies and medical devices
Biocompatibility testing of vascular implants
Talent training on endovascular intervention
Animal models (ischemic stroke, pulmonary embolism, hepatic artery perfusion, arteriovenous shunt, etc.)

Case Study

Endovascular surgery at Greentech Bioscience.png

Figure 2. Endovascular surgery at Greentech Bioscience.


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